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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Viewing Windows 7 Event Log remotely from Windows XP or 2003 computer

Surprisingly (or rather not), lot of people are having issues with that. Some even claiming that it is impossible to view Windows 7 Event Log remotely from an XP or Windows 2003 machine because "it's not designed for that". They are getting "Unable to connect. The network path was not found" error when trying to open Event Viewer, even though Services, Storage, Shared Folders etc are working

Problem is that Remote Registry service has to be running on Windows 7 machine and it's set to Manual startup type by default.

So, just start Computer Manager on XP/2003 machine, connect to remote computer (if you are not able to connect at all, check the firewall settings) and start this service manually first.

Monday, December 20, 2010

How to delete directories using wildcards

This script is also useful for deleting user profiles from Citrix servers (since they could be C:\Documents and Settings\UserID, C:\Documents and Settings\UserID.DOMAIN,  C:\Documents and Settings\UserID.old etc - last usually happens if somebody renames them)

It's a bit tricky since rmdir doesn't support wildcards.
Also , "CD" doesn't work with UNC path, so you either can do the registry fix described here or just use pushd /popd as I did.


rem Usage : DelCtxprof.cmd UserID

IF (%1)==() GOTO ERR

Pause This batch file will delete all profiles that start with "%1%" from all Citrix servers. If you don't want to do it, press Ctrl-C

pushd "\\CitrixServer1\C$\Documents and settings\"
for /d %%a in (%1*) do rd /s /q "%%~a"

rem Do the rest of your citrix servers there


ECHO Please specify User ID !!!